Velna Skroderis/The Devil’s Tailor

Velna Skoroderis is the second biggest stone found in Latvia. Its length is 6,4m,
width – 6.0 m, height – 4, 2 m, girth – 20.0 m, volume – 100 m³.

Velna Skroderis can be roughly translated as The Devil’s Tailor, though the name Velns comes from the pagan mythology, where he was the God of Underworld and Dead as well as the patron of domestic animals. The name Velns itself comes from same roots as name Velis, which means Dead Soul.

Unfortunately, with passing centuries the local church authorities did their best to persuade people that Velns is nothing but Christian pictured Devil/Satan himself. At some point they succeeded, but overall in people minds Velns never really became that Devil who is mentioned in the bible. In modern associations Velns is more like gullible, simple-minded evil spirit who lives in the Underworld, walks in the night time; fears rooster’s first morning crowing and tries do harm to people.

Many big stones, found in Baltic region, are connected with the name of Velns – for example Bed of Velns, Velns’ Foot or simply Velns’ Stone, which can tell us about pagan cult of Velns.

For Velna Skroderis, there is well known legend about this stone:

“Velns was falling out with Dievs (pagan god, creator of the world and sky) and wanted to harm him somehow. He decided to fill up Aiviekste River with the stones. Velns has already gathered all surrounding stones and poured one bag out where  Aiviekste’s rapids are now. The other bag, he brought, was much bigger. While Velns was stepping over Kūja River, he tore his pants. Then he went to nearby house of tailor. There he found sledge limber, took it as a needle, sat down on a biggest stone and started to mend his pants. As for threads he took an oats. As soon as he was done with patching, suddenly rooster started to crow across the river. It was time for Velns to run as fast as he can, because dawn was near. From then on the big stone was left on the riverside and was called Velna Skroderis – Devil’s Tailor.”

There are also a lot of smaller stones in that area and a big oak tree, which again can point us to pagan cult and some kind of sacred places of olden times!

9 thoughts on “Velna Skroderis/The Devil’s Tailor

  1. Good luck with this blog! I think it’s a great idea to share some legends and stories of our history with foreign people who like Skyforger and are interested in what’s beyond the Latvian lyrics. As a Latvian I find this very interesting too. I think you should also make a Latvian version, since these stories are not so well known even among locals, especially young metalheads who would definately like this. Thanks!

    • Well, i am very lazy by nature, so it could be an effort for me to rewrite it all in Latvian he he. But seriously i believe 90% of Latvians, who reading net and such sites, knows English very well.

  2. Boa, its huge. The Latvians did also have megalith culture? Have seen several immense stones, must have been so. Do you know, was it put there by human hand?

  3. I don’t think there was some kind of megalith culture in Baltic (Latvia/Lithuania) territory – most of this stones was brought here after Ice age with glacier.
    Very few stones was moved by humans, like those shrines or possible star observatories on sacred hills, but most of them are in their natural places and people just made them special and sacred, like this one.

  4. You have now approx 55 % forests left in Latvia. The West is seeing it as their “corn chambers”, that they are always doing when they want to deforest something. Capitalism is coming, when they are finished with you the tradition will be complete christian and the nature complete destroyed. In Switzerland you have 30% forests, and that only because of the hills, where they can not deforest. This civilization is the rubbish, its cancer, it is the source for all problems, the empire and the religions of the empire. True tradition is a must, its the voice of the people against the nature-spite. It could change everything, morals are on the side of the righteous.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean.
      A lot of local people here in hunger for money just sold their private forests to foreign businessmen – to spend all money on booze later!.
      Though not everything is that bad here – we still have forestry and people who works on renewing forests and taking care.
      Someone here still understands that forests are our green gold and we must save them. I hope sense will win in the end as we can see how it is now Europe, but yeah, you never know – temptation of easy money is always there.

      • Sense in Europe, where is that? Truth makes sense, Europa is the denial of truth. Fallen for gnosticism its a counter-ideology to paganism. The erosion of truth, to make truth worthless.

  5. Thank you for more information on Dainas & history of Latvia. I stumbled across your site while looking for a painting & information about the Latvian Princess awaiting the return of her Prince! I will be back to read more!

  6. Labvakar Peter,
    Liels paldies par visi raksti! Loti interesants. I am pleased to read about Latvian mythology and history through your website, as it is not easy to find published books on the topic here! Sveiciens no Australija!

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