Kurši/Curonians, the Baltic vikings


A short movie about Baltic tribe Kurši/ Curonians with English subtitles. One of the pagan tribes, who formed Latvian nation, in early Middle Ages was known as fierce warriors and sea riders, kinda Baltic vikings.
Skyforger have song about them in album Kauja pie Saules, called Kurši.


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  2. I can tell there’s some inaccuracies, like claiming that curronians were the only balts with sacred trees and sacred woods. Here in Lietuva, there’s quite a few( the most famous being ‘Sventaragis’ in Vinlius). Historical records also show that one of the reasons why lithuanians were so reluctant to accept Christianity was because the Christians wanted to cut down the sacred forests. (One account tells of women begging and crying in front of King Mindaugas, asking him to save the sacred forests).
    But overall a good doc.

    • I don’t think they are claiming that only Curonians had sacred groves and trees, probably you misunderstood something, because every historian here knows that sacred trees and groves was all over the Baltic lands. There is written stories of how christian missionaries were killed in Old Prussia because they entered the sacred forests, where entrance was forbidden for people.

  3. I’m proud to be Curonian and happy to discuss any opportunities regarding this matter
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